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Stud Service

We occasionally have puppies available for adoption.  Generally, we take deposits and screen for compatibility. 

They are cute, but not for everyone!  The dalmatian temperament must blend with your lifestyle.

From time to time we are contacted by local shelters that have taken in adult dalmatians for various reasons. 

We require the purchaser any of our dals to return the dog to us if they are unable to keep it.  We then try to find new homes.

Stud service is available to approved bitches.  Fertility and production of live, hearing puppies is guaranteed.

If interested, please contact us for further information and contractual requirements.

  • Dals love to travel - when we start packing for a trip, they know it and always want to go for a ride!

  • Many motels accept well behaved, crated dogs.  Ask when you are making your reservation.

  • Responsible dog owners always clean up after their pets and don't allow them to be nuisances.

  • Say, "Cheese."  Is that dal growling?  Absolutely Not!  Dals frequently smile, especially after the owner returns home after being away for a while.

  • Early obedience work with dalmatians is essential to them becoming canine good citizens.  Most will get along great with other breeds as well as other species.

Lady jumped in the suitcase and is ready to "go for a ride" after spending Christmas in a log cabin in Wisconsin's North Woods.
"Boy am I glad to see you guys!  You must have been gone for . . . well . . . almost an hour!"